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Samsclub small008 article

Sam’s Club vs. Walmart: Is Buying in Bulk Always the Best Option?

A Sam’s Club Membership may seem like wasted money when you can shop at Walmart for free. Here’s how you make that membership pay for itself.

Freelancetoceo article

She Quit a $50K Day Job to Follow Her Dreams — And Earned More by Month 3

Ever wanted to run a freelance business? This woman has done just that for a year -- and already makes more than she did at the full-time job she left behind.

Debtdecision0617 article

Some Search for Sasquatch, We Search for the Mythological Good Debt

“Good debt” might sound like nonsense to a Penny Hoarder… but is it? Here’s the scoop on which types of loans are justifiable -- and which might lead to financial ruin.

1618263 10152055456521263 141858334 o article

Traveling Solo? These 25 Resources Will Help You Make the Most of Your Trip

Traveling alone can be daunting, but it’s also a great adventure. These 25 resources will help you make the most of your next solo trip.

051917 peanutbutter tr081 article

What’s the Best, Most Affordable Natural Peanut Butter?

Which natural peanut butter is worth the money? We tested five brands to see which were affordable, yet delicious.

Gettyimages 492664922 article

Butter Nut Waste $3 on Natural Peanut Butter. Try These Recipes Instead

If you think making your own peanut butter sounds like a waste of time, think again. Here’s how homemade peanut butter could save you money -- and make your tummy very, very happy, too.

Img 20170531 131634 article

These 8 Cheap DASH Diet Recipes Are Winners for Your Body and Your Wallet

The DASH diet has been shown to turn around hypertension in a jiffy -- and if you do it right, it’s super affordable, too! Here are 8 recipes and a heap of savings tips to boot.

042517 college tr0847 2 article

Avoid the Freshman 15 Using These 10 Tips for Eating Healthy in College

If you’re wondering how to eat healthy in college and whether you can afford it, the answer is easy: You can, and you should. Here’s how.

Jamie pizza article

4 Inexpensive Ways to Eat Comfort Foods Without Blowing Your Low-Carb Diet

If you’re a low-carb dieter, you might think pizza, pasta and tacos are a thing of the past… but they don’t have to be. Here’s how to make low-carb versions of your favorite comfort foods without going broke.

Thredup2 article

Beyond eBay and Etsy: 5 Online Flea Markets You’ve Never Heard of

To score awesome deals without leaving your couch, try online flea markets. Once you’ve exhausted eBay and Etsy, check out these lesser-known sites.

Gettyimages 502707142 article

Eating Paleo on a Budget? Make These 3 Expensive Snacks at Home

Yes, you can eat paleo on a budget. Try these simple paleo snack recipes made from affordable and healthy ingredients.

Speghetti1 article

How to Make Spaghetti and Meatballs Even Cheaper (Yes, With Real Meat!)

It’s romantic. It’s kid-friendly. It’s delicious. And it’s cheap. But we figured out how to make this spaghetti and meatballs recipe even cheaper. Here’s how.

Gettyimages 499172198 article

Stocks vs. Bonds: What You Wanted to Know (but Were Too Afraid to Ask)

What’s the difference between stocks and bonds -- and which do experts say you should you buy? We break it down.

Twobuckchuckreview0217 main copy article

We Asked a Wine Snob to Review All Trader Joe’s Two-Buck Chucks

It’s just about the cheapest wine out there -- but do you get what you pay for? One penny-hoarding, wine-loving writer tasted all the different kinds of Two-Buck Chuck to find out.

Busch gardens tampa bayfacebook article

Here’s Everything You Need to Know About Saving Money at Busch Gardens

Ready for some thrills? With the wide array of Busch Gardens coupons, promo codes and discount tickets available, it can be hard to figure out how to get the best price. Here’s our best advice.