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I'm a writer.

food, wine, travel, personal finance

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The Write Life

Naps, Dinner at 4:30 and Other Side Effects of Freelancing Writing

Full-time freelance writing has some surprising side effects — like napping and weird dinner times.

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The Write Life

Want to Make Money Blogging as a Teenager? Yes, It’s Possible

This 21-year-old makes $5K per month off her blog. Here’s how she does it.

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The Write Life

7 Blogging Tips from a PR Expert Turned Blogger

These blogging tips from PR pro turned blogger Ellen Yin will help you rock your blog in 2017.

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The Write Life

5 Reasons Writing is the Worst Job Ever (And Why We Do it Anyway)

When the going gets tough, remember we’ve all felt these five major drawbacks of the writing life.